Steering Committee role:

  • Identify optimal strategic approaches to the implementation of IDEA Summit
  • Be the ambassador of IDEA Summit and promote it to his/her contacts
  • Define the conference programme aims
  • Bring support to the IDEA Summit organizers through suggestions of high-level speakers for the conferences


Project Manager
LUND University & SWElife – the National Innovation Programme for Life Science (Sweden)

Who is Thomas GUNNARSSON ?

Thomas Gunnarsson is Project Manager at the Innovation Office at Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC). He is responsible for creating a national Strategic Innovation Programme within Chronic Diseases, look which has been granted 11 M EURO by VINNOVA, look the Swedish Innovation Agency. Thomas co-ordinates, develops and leads innovation processes that will create sustainable links between academia, industry and the health care system with the aim to increase the pace of innovation within life science nationally, with initial focus on diabetes.

Prior to joining LUDC, Thomas was Department Manager and Project Manager in the Discovery Department at Chr. Hansen, a global supplier of bioscience based ingredients to the food, health and animal feed industries.

Thomas has a PhD in pharmacology from the William Harvey Research Institute, University of London and a MSc in molecular biology from Lund University where he also performed postdoc studies.

Thomas was responsible for organizing the first IDEA Summit in Lund 2013.


Vice President, Innovation Sourcing
Novo Nordisk (Denmark)

Who is Tomas LANDH ?

Tomas Landh is since 2008 Director (Strategy and Innovation Sourcing) at Novo Nordisk, Diabetes Research Unit, where he is responsible for the scouting and evaluation of in particular, protein therapeutics and related technologies including new drug delivery systems for the treatment of diabetes, its microvascular complications and obesity.
Two years after joining Novo Nordisk in 2003, Tomas was recruited to the Diabetes Research Unit with scouting and evaluation of external technology opportunities for oral delivery of proteins as his main responsibility.
Prior to joining Novo Nordisk, Tomas was R&D Director and Chief Scientist at Camurus AB (1997-2002), a lipid drug delivery company and CEO for Lipid Research Foundation (2001-2003), a foundation sponsoring applied lipid research. Preceding his entrepreneurial career, he was Professor at State University New York at Buffalo doing basic research on cubic cell membrane morphologies and drug delivery. He received his PhD in Biophysical Engineering from Lund’s Institute of Technology.
Tomas has 25 years of experience of all stages of drug development and delivery, ranging from academia, small businesses, foundations and big pharma/biotech. He has authored a number of scientific papers and book chapters on cell membrane morphologies, pharmaceutical formulations, and holds a number of patents. He is currently an international advisor to LARTA/NIH- and NSF-CAP programs and member of the Science Advisory Board of QChip.



Clinical Research Physician, Global Medicines Development
AstraZeneca (Sweden)

Who is Jan OSCARSSON ?

Jan Oscarsson is MD and registered physician trained in internal medicine. He was appointed full professor in Physiology, especially Endocrinology and Integrative metabolism 2003 and was recruited by AstraZeneca R&D the same year. He has supervised 9 graduate students and kept the research group at Wallenberg Laboratory for Cardiovascular Research at Sahlgrenska University (SU) Hospital until 2006. The academic work included metabolic studies using cell cultures, animal experiments as well as clinical studies with a main focus on lipid and lipoprotein metabolism. At AstraZeneca R&D, he has had several different positions in R&D, including Team Leader, Head of Section of Molecular Metabolism and Disease Area Portfolio Leader (DAPL) being accountable for the early diabetes portfolio and responsible for externalization activities including contacts with academics and Biotech companies. Since Nov 2013, he is working in Clinical development as a Clinical Research Physician.


Director Technology Management
Ascenion (Germany)

Who is Stefanie POSSEKEL ?

In October 2012, Stefanie Possekel joined Ascenion, an IP asset management company focused on the life sciences in Munich. Before, she served as Director Strategic Alliances with global responsibilities for the Musculoskeletal Disease Area and Oncology at Novartis. Prior to that she worked as Director Business Development at Santhera Pharmaceuticals, a Swiss-based specialty pharmaceutical company.
Stefanie studied Biology at the Philipps University Marburg, Germany with a specific focus on Microbiology, Immunology, Genetics and Biochemistry and received her PhD in 1995. During her thesis she spent time at the Biocenter in Basel and worked closely with researchers at the Institute de Myologie in Paris, France.

She spent more than 10 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and has broad experience in in-and-out licensing of clinical and preclinical projects.


Matthias URMANN

Associate VP, Diabetes External Innnovation,
Sanofi (Germany)

Who is Matthias URMANN ?

Matthias Urmann studied chemistry at Heidelberg University. After a post-doctorate at Harvard University, he began his industrial career in pharmaceutical research at Hoechst AG ­(Frankfurt) in 1993. Here, he worked mainly in the research of new drugs for the treatment of the metabolic diseases, diabetes and adipositas, but he was also able to contribute to several drug candidates in the areas of arteriosclerosis and thrombosis. In the role of Associate Vice President, he has been responsible for managing a R&D Department within the Diabetes Division of Sanofi in Frankfurt since the beginning of 2010.


General Manager
Eurasanté (France)


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